Lord of the Flies is a classic piece of literature that has been analyzed by hundreds, if not thousands, of scholars before you. Each one has brought a unique interpretation to the text, just as you will bring your own interpretation as well. Today, take a look at what some of these scholars have to say and see if their ideas fit the text as you've experienced it.


Browse through the five available literary analyses of the novel. Look for one quote, passage, or idea that you strongly agree or strongly disagree with. Finally, craft a written, informal response to the idea that you read.


1. First, browse through the five available literary analyses of the novel.
Note: You will need to be logged in to BigChalk and have the ProQuest Learning Literature Home Page open in another window in order to access #4 and #5. Go to , click on "Student Services," click on "Big Chalk," and use the login and password provided.
2. Look for ideas which you either strongly agree or disagree with.
3. When you have found one such idea, copy it down or paste it into Word.
4. Write a ONE PAGE (typed and double-spaced) informal response to the idea, including:

  • Why do you agree or disagree with it?
  • What examples from the text support your point of view?
5. Quotes are not necessary, as you may paraphrase, but examples would help!

Due Date: Friday, 12/10/10

Literary Analyses

Literary Criticism #1 (Read the "Notes on Lord of the Flies" at the back of your novel)

Literary Criticism #2

Literary Criticism #3

Literary Criticism #4

Literary Criticism #5


Now that you have taken a look at some other scholars' interpretations of the novel, what's your own interpretation? Realize that you are part of this scholarly process and that your ideas and reactions to the novel have as much validity as anyone else's. Remember-- it's not who has the "right" idea, but who is able to argue their idea persuasively and with the clearest evidence.**